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    Webinar: State of the U.S. Smart Grid 2013, with Industrial Defender, Duke Energy, Austin Energy, & Proximetry

    Date: Thursday, June 20, 2013 (expired)
    Time: 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm EST
    Price: FREE

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    Webinar Playback

    Webinar Summary

    2013 represents a defining moment for the U.S. smart grid, especially as U.S. Smart Grid Investment Grant funds start to dry up. Utilities have progressed beyond pilot projects and some are near full deployment mode for most phases of their smart grid initiatives. At midyear the smart grid has demonstrated effectiveness in the face of power outages, welcomed new technologies, and refined much needed consumer smart meter education. EVs have also come back into the spotlight as well as analytics, the cloud, and M2M. In this can’t miss webinar, State of the U.S. Smart Grid 2013, sponsored by the global leader in automation system management Industrial Defender, attendees will get a real-world assessment from Industrial DefenderDuke Energy, Austin Energy, Proximetry, and Zpryme thought leaders about the state of U.S. smart grid, learn about emerging technology areas and EVs, how cybersecurity is affecting smart grid projects, and be presented with key steps to continuing the advancement of the smart grid in the U.S.

    Webinar Focus Areas

    • Where are We Now
    • Emerging Smart Grid Technologies – What’s Next
    • EVs and the Path Ahead
    • How Cybersecurity is Impacting the Smart Grid
    • Where we Go From Here and How We Get There
    • Q&A

    Webinar Thought Leaders

    Brian Ahern Industrial Defender
    Brian M. Ahern (Speaker)
    President & CEO
    Stuart Laval Duke Energy
    Stuart Laval (Speaker)
    Manager, Technology Development – Smart Grid Telecommunications
    Karl Popham Austin Energy
    Karl Popham (Speaker)
    Emerging Technologies & EV Manager and former interim CIO
    Andres Carvallo Proximetry
    Andres Carvallo (Speaker)
    EVP and Chief Strategy Officer
    (co-author The Advanced Smart Grid)
    Jon Arnold Zpryme
    Jon Arnold (Moderator)
    Smart Grid Insights Advisor

    About Industrial Defender

    Industrial Defender is the global leader in automation system management. For more than a decade, the company has successfully developed and delivered solutions for operators of industrial control systems. With deep domain expertise and a laser-focus on industrial control systems, Industrial Defender products enable customers to ensure the availability and reliability of their key industrial processes. Leveraging the industry’s first unified platform for security, compliance and change management, Industrial Defender solutions enable customers to reduce costs and risks, and enhance operational excellence. Over 400 companies in 25 countries rely on Industrial Defender technology to monitor, manage and protect their operations and processes.

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